As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, my professional services qualify for reimbursement through most insurance plans.

Because I believe that therapy is a confidential and collaborative process between client and therapist and not with your insurance company, I do not participate as an “in network” provider with any insurance companies. Very often, managed care companies predetermine the necessity of therapy, the types of therapy for which you are eligible and the amount of therapy you may receive. I believe that the necessity of therapy, the type of therapy, and the duration of therapy you receive should, instead, be determined through a collaborative process between you and your therapist.

I am, however, sensitive to my clients' need for affordable therapy. Therefore, if you are interested in insurance reimbursement; I will help you submit the proper information to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Please contact me to discuss my fees for services and any other questions you may have about payment or insurance reimbursement.