Individual Therapy
Individual Therapy is for people who want to get the most out of life and relationships. Together we can deepen self-awareness, navigate roadblocks and acquire the tools needed to persevere through emotional challenges. By understanding how your past experiences have shaped your present day, you can break free of old patterns and make different choices for the here and now. This process helps build self-confidence and deepens connection with self and others. Individual therapy sessions are 50 minutes and are typically scheduled weekly.

Couples Therapy
Relationships can be challenging. Yet, relationships also make life rich and meaningful. Couples therapy is an opportunity to explore the often complex dynamics and feelings between you and your partner. This includes the history and patterns that each partner brings to the relationship, as well as how these have blended together to create the couple’s current state of being. I provide a safe space for this exploration to occur with the hope that clarity can form between you and your partner. Couple therapy sessions are 60 minutes and are usually held on a weekly basis.

Group Therapy
Group Therapy is a great way to practice how we do relationship. It allows a unique opportunity to explore the many patterns of interacting and roles we take on in relationship with others. Group therapy is a way to practice interpersonal skills and have honest authentic interaction with others. Group members learn to share and interact with one another in a way that promotes healing and encourages the personal development of each participant.  Groups are made up of 4-8 people. Group therapy sessions are held on a weekly basis and are 75 minutes in length.